Barbara Gillis Joines Fine Art

Painting Things That Move...Or That Move Me


My name is Barbara Gillis Joines.  I love to paint things that move, things that move me, and anything in between. 

Things that move include (but are not limited to :)) my children, horses, dogs, bikes, rocking chairs, waves, sandy beaches, boats, and on and on.  Things that move me usually involve silent moments of beautiful stillness revealed through emotion-filled faces, telling body language, or nature-made beauty. 

I grew up a quiet, awkward, curious, analytical thinker.  My drawings were done in private - fearing someone would think they were awful!  After years of allowing my artistic side to live "in hiding", I allowed myself to be vulnerable and decided not to worry about what other people thought.

So, I started taking oil painting classes from a fabulous, talented teacher and mentor.  This started me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that has lead to extreme joy and peace through painting.  

Fast forward to now, I can not imagine a life not covered in paint!  Over the years, I have painted, studied online, painted, attended workshops from Dawn Whitelaw and Dreama Tolle Perry, more self- study, and did I mention paint?   Through these things, my oil painting style continues to develop.  I now teach oil painting to others starting on this fabulous journey called Art.  All of my life lessons prepared me to take the plunge and share my art on-line.  

My paintings are each a piece of me - hope you enjoy!