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What a Challenge!

Barbara JoinesComment

An artist named Leslie Saeta has challenged her fellow artists to get into the studio and paint more.  When I say more, I mean... lots more!  The September 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge starts today.  

The challenge asks each artist to make a conscious effort to remove distractions (and procrastination) and let the canvas get doused in luscious, wonderful paint!  Not all days will result in a finished piece nor will each painting be a masterpiece.  

Well, it's a nice thought.  Well, it's a demanding exercise. Well, it's about 800 fellow artists from around the world. Well, what can I say...I accept!

On Day #1, as the summer drifts away, my daydreams drift off to the beach.  Last winter, I enjoyed walking on this beach with my mom during my parents' stay as temporary snowbirds.  The wind was blowing, the air was unusually cool, but the walk and talk was warm:). 

8x10in Original Oil on Canvas  "A Walk on The Beach"     SOLD