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Kentucky Christmas

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5x7 in Original Oil on Museum Quality Panel

Recently, I was reminiscing about my childhood Christmas' in Kentucky.  A vivid image of a common decorative item can to mind - mason jar potpourri lights.  Did anyone else have these?  Well, I decided to do a little research on the most used (and addictive) home decorator's resource...Pinterest.  And look what I found!

Click here to go to the Pinterest link

Click here to go to the Pinterest link

Now who remembers these?!?!   I decided I would create a little different take on this oldie, but goody.  I substituted one of my derby glasses (what Kentucky girl doesn't have a collection?) with a live red rose and green mint leaves.  The old classic smelled really nice when the lights heated the potpourri.  Could that have been a fire hazard?  ...Sorry, rabbit trail...  Anyway, my roses and fresh mint smelled like home as I was painting this still life.  

Kentucky tradition coupled with a little Christmas sparkle.

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