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"Cali" 6x6 Original Oil on Museum Quality Panel   Private Collection

As a kid, I always told everyone that I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I grew up.  As a young adult, I finally fulfilled my dream (well, somewhat).  I worked as a Vet Assistant while in graduate school.  What I quickly figured out was that I was much too clumsy to master the skills needed to become a vet!  I spilled things, got my hands dirty, and did NOT master the art of precision.  A clumsy surgeon/doctor...NOT how most people would describe their ideal Vet, huh?!?!  

Well, I still love animals and have found that I love painting them just as much!  And with paint, it's ok to get a little messy :).  

This painting is of my dog Cali.  My first adopted pet as an adult.  She would sometimes come to work with me at the Vet's office.  I loved her dearly, especially her sweet smile and soulful eyes.  I miss her still, but painting this brought back such happy memories of my sweet girl! 

If you would like your favorite memory or pet captured in paint, please send me a note about a commission:)!

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